FRIDAY 17 MAY 2013
Pete Maclaine and the Clan
supported by The Stretch Band

Your Host Paul Wilde introducing the evening.


Hi Manchester Pop Fans. Great to report that my recent event to celebrate The Hollies 'Debut Single' and fifty years of Manchester Pop was a great success. 200 people packed the Urmston Men's Club in South Manchester to enjoy a night back in the 60's.
Combining live entertainment with rare video footage along with some nostalgia chat
whilea free for all on the dance floor where there was some serious jiving going on!
It was really buzzing and a big thanks to those who attended - none more so than those
that entertained. Headlining was the local legend that is Pete Maclaine backed by his
band The Clan. Together they played a sterling set - songs that inspired the beat groups
all those years ago. Rock'n'Roll hits with some great renditions from a lineup that
included Pete on lead vocals, Graham Attwood on sax, Gerry McLaughlin on lead
guitar, Brendan Day on drums and Dave Barrow on bass guitar. A group of seasoned
musicians who have known each other for years while sharing a number of other groups on the local music scene. Graham was in the legendary Pete Bocking 6, Gerry in 'Gags'
and a resident musician at the Band on the Wall. Brendan remains drummer in the Steve Gibbons Band and Dave Barrow was a member of 60's beat group The Measles.
A band we paid homage too by playing their 1960's vinyl release 'Kick's much to
Dave's embarrassment as this was accompanied by an image of the group in their beatnik period!

The night was an opportunity to celebrate local artists from an era that I feel gets
overshadowed and is the driving force behind my column. So next I focused on the
audience and to another forgotten hero of the Manchester Beat period which was
Johnny Peters. With great pride I was then able to offer a tribute by playing his 1965
Decca release 'When You Ask about Love'. It reminded us of his great voice and the
fact he was produced by Andrew Loog Oldham who went on to manage The Rolling
Stones. Also in the crowd was Alan Herricks, Bass guitarist with Bobby Dell and the
Dellstars, another local group with legendary status from the 1960's. While I had no
recording of the Dellstars to offer the audience I did acknowledge Alan from the
stage to great applause.

Roy, Paul and Pete courtesyof Phil 'Blanny' Blanchard

The evening kicked off with a group that feature two artists who play to packed theatres in Holland. Unknown in Manchester these Urmston lads are one half of The Scorpions
UK who had top ten hits in Europe during the 1960's including 'Hello Josephine'. Today they remain household names overseas topping the bill on 60's package tours. Graham
Lee on Lead Guitar and Tom Unthank on Drums joining the house band 'Stretch' to kick off the night in style. With Ralph Stretch on bass they belted out a set of sixties classics
to set the tone for the night. Beat numbers that got toes a tapping and the crowd singing. Graham & Tom were members of The Chancellors in 1963 and Graham has
since performed with Herman's Hermits and Wayne Fontana.


With the evening in full flow we got to the main event -
a brief chat with Pete before providing us with a spellbinding performance!

Pete recalled performing at the famous Cavern Club in Liverpool on the same bill as
The Beatles and an original poster for the event recently sold for £27,500. laughing he let us all know he wished he'd pinched it for himself to reap the reward all these years
later!  Pete is a warm and engaging personality who deserves to be remembered when the Manchester Music Hall of Fame comes into being. It's got to happen soon to
honour these great artists who are part of our cities musical heritage.

One such legend is Graham Nash who sent a message realising we were also celebrating the 50thanniversary of The Hollies debut release '(Ain't That) Just Like Me'. It read...

"I'm so proud to have been a partner in the Hollies and over the years, our music indeed
stands the test of time. Music soothes the savage beast as they say. We brought so much pleasure to millions of people and I salute my partner Allan Clarke for being one of the
great lead singers in the world… Here's to you Allan." Graham Nash.

Graham has since acknowledged my work and labour of love which is immensely
gratifying. I hope we did him justice as we raised a  glass to The Hollies on the
occasion of their special anniversary.



We also paid homage to Freddie and the Dreamers, Wayne Fontana, The Mindbenders and Herman's Hermits whose home town is Urmston of course!

And so we finally came to the end of the night and the feedback was fab!
Two ladies who attended wearing Beatles sixties t-shirts making it all worthwhile with their comments below...cheers girls and here's to the next one! Paul Wilde


Hi Paul - Just want to say how much we enjoyed Friday night once again, thanks to your hard work and dedication. It's so good to meet with like-minded people to share happy memories and celebrate a decade which will never be matched.  Rushing home from school and swapping the drab bottle green convent school uniform for the three quarter length leather coats barely covering our miniskirts. Although it really didn't matter what you wore underneath, as in the Oasis we danced in our coats regardless of the conditions down there in the cellar of noise, complete with condensation running down the walls which all added to the atmosphere.  Ahhhh happy memories! Shelagh and Chris


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