The following articles are from the
Manchester Pop Trail by Paul Wilde.
A series charting Manchesters role in
popular music looking back at the early
1960's and available to read and collect
every Saturday in the 'Memories' section
of the
Manchester Evening News. With Paul's original artwork to evoke
memories of the artists, the events and 
their locations it is a fascinating reminder
of a time in Manchester musical history that celebrates 50 years in 2013.
Do you remember and were you there?

The series aims to stir memories and recollections of the artists, the venues
and personalities that form the backdrop of the
Manchester Music Scene. Also to document
the now legendary and forgotten appearances
by major artists that are now household names. All in Manchester and were you there? 
Please get in touch and let us know.
Your recollections are historical and tell
the story so please write to
Memories have already been stirred please
check out the 'Readers Response' page...

'Manchester Pop Trail' and all images are
copyright of Paul Wilde, 2013. All Rights Reserved.
No unauthorised use or copying without prior permission please.